We've had a few requests for information on how to fit a Baglux Tank Cover, so we decided to put together this little guide. The tank cover is being fitted to my 2000 Yamaha R6, but the principle is the same for most bikes.

Tip No1: its easier to fit your tank cover if its warm, so fit it on a sunny day or leave your tank cover somewhere warm while you prepare your bike.

The first job to do is give the tank a really good clean and polish, your not going to see your tank for a while so you may as well make sure its in tip top condition before you cover it. Make sure there is no polish residue left on the tank and that's its totally dry. Your now ready to fit the tank cover.

Remove the bikes rider seat, and place the tank cover onto the bikes tank, line up the fuel cap with the cut in the tank cover

The side clips on the tank cover are scratch resistant but you may wish to place some tape to protect the edge of the tank

Gently pull the side straps down and clip them to the underside of the tank.

Pass the securing front strap under the frame beams, ensuring you don't trap any cables or pipes in the process.

Pass the rear strap under the rear part of the tank, on some bikes the rear strap may pass under the tank, on others, as in this case under the rear tank mounting bracket.

Gently tighten the front and rear straps evenly, making sure the fuel cap is still visible on the hole is correctly aligned.
Don't attempt to tighten the straps too much, excessive force can cause damage to the tank cover clips.



Replace the seat and that's it, job done!. Looks as cool as the original tank, protects the paintwork from scratches and makes it easy to fit a Baglux tank bag!

Over the next 7-14 days the tank cover will adapt to the shape of the tank and will require the straps to be tightened gradually, remember don't apply too much force. Once the tank cover has fully settled you can trim the excess webbing from the front and rear straps, it advisable to bind the ends with a match or other heat source to prevent fraying, just remember heat and petrol don't go together so be careful.